John as Sandy Claws, Chris, and Khayman

Tundra Shepherd Rescue

Tundra Shepherd Rescue is a "no kill" wolf and wolf-dog rescue effort, which is a member of the Coalition of All Breed Rescues of Arizona, (CABRA) a 501(C)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization in Arizona. We utilize foster homes which are set up to handle large wolf type animals and contain them. All animals become members of the resident "pack", we do not use crates or cages to contain them. TSR receives animals from various sources in the area including the county Animal Care and Control and the Humane Societys, both of which DO NOT adopt out wolf-dogs or anything that MAY be a wolf mix. We provide a safe refuge for wolves and wolf-dogs from all over the country that need a second chance. TSR also receives animals from other rescue groups, from referrals and from people who know about us. We presently have many wolf-dogs (and several pure wolves!) in our facilities that are adoptable and some that are not, who will live out their lives with us. Most of these unfortunate animals are the product of greed on the part of the unethical breeders who only want the $$$$$ involved from the sale of their "product" but fail to provide information or training in their product's problems, requirements and special needs or properly screen potential owners of this different breed of dog. TSR personnel interview, screen and train ALL perspective applicants before they are allowed to adopt an animal from us. We have a real desire to find permanent homes for these poor creatures where they can be given the love and the trust of humans that many have never known.

          For more information about Tundra Shepherd Rescue, our adoptions, how to become a foster care home or to volunteer to help care for the animals, please contact either of the persons listed below. This can also be done by email from our web site links. Visit our web site and view the dogs presently looking for their forever homes (click on "Adoptions") at:

Remember, all donations are tax deductible through C.A.B.R.A. Inc.  (TIN: 86-0685323) Please earmark them for Tundra Shepherd Rescue. Thank You for your interest in TSR!
TSR Director: John F. Braden
(602) 226-5641

Assistant Dir. & Volunteer Coord: Christine Barrett
(602) 694-6812

John as Sandy Claws, Chris, and Khayman